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Hi Ambitious Woman,

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I hear you’re weighing up your options. 


Because you realise that you’ve been blindly following a career path laid out for you, within a system that doesn’t really work for you. Whilst you’ve pushed past this for years using your skill, drive and natural talents, you’ve inevitably come to a point in your life where your health or family needs to take priority, or something inside you simply says enough is enough. You remain hungry to succeed, but you’re now questioning what ‘success’ really means to you.  


  • Suddenly a fork in the road appears. 

  • A glimpse of an exciting new horizon. 

  • A hope that things can be different sets in. 

  • But you’re overwhelmed with possibilities, your responsibilities and self-doubt. 

I know exactly how you feel, because I’ve been here too. 


I also woke up one day and realised I’d blindly been following the well trodden path. I’d gone from school, to university, to coveted graduate position, to a big salaried director - all by the time I was 27! 


But whilst I’d whizzed up the ladder and got what I thought I wanted, inside I was burnt-out and unfulfilled by the aimlessness of my quest. Around this time I fell pregnant, and my priorities forever shifted. I just couldn’t - and didn’t want to - carry on the relentless hustle of the company culture, or battling for the salary I knew I deserved (and my male counterpart had!). 


Nervous yet determined, I started working with a coach who supported me in reconnecting to my values and redirecting my ambition. Knowing that women across the country were experiencing the same disparity at work I had, rebalancing the scales became my passion.


So I retrained as a Career and Leadership Coach, and set my sights on empowering as many women as possible to question societal expectations, act in their power and live purposeful, meaningful lives. To make this so, I collaborate with clued up and committed corporations to create mass scale impact for women company-wide. I also coach women individually to help them to gain control of their lives, work in alignment with their values and design their own future. 


I know you crave flexibility, freedom, autonomy and proper remuneration. You deserve that, and I want it for you too. Whether we work out a plan to get what you want where you are, you decide to move on, or you make a leap and start from scratch - I’m here to help you figure it all out on terms you are happy with. 


Because whilst I know you’ve got the balls to do this alone, you don’t have to. 


So, are you ready to take the reins? 

Work with me 1-2-1

Move away from feeling stuck, alone and under valued to a place of focus, confidence and radiating self-belief…




Iron out a specific, niggling challenge in just 60 mins. We can cover anything from interview prep for that job you really want, advice on how to get that promotion, confidence boosting tips, how to deal with a difficult employee and more! Perfect for whenever you’re feeling overwhelmed, confused and in need of an expert nudge in the right direction. 

  • Clear and connected 

  • Improved confidence in your abilities

  • A sense of clarity on the path ahead

  • Understood, heard and validated


  • Armed with an action plan to solve your challenge

  • A follow up email with key points summarised

  • Me in your pocket via Voxer for a week afterwards to voice note and message to continue the support and integrate the learnings and breakthroughs from the session





Facing a big hurdle you just can’t seem to solve yourself? Then I would recommend the ‘Level Up’ coaching package, which includes 3 hours of coaching as well as self-paced practices for continued, long-lasting development and a follow up 30min accountability call. With my full guidance, passion and support, expect to uncover a clear path of what to do next, increased confidence and practical, aligned solutions for your next steps. 


  • 3 hour coaching sessions via Zoom +30min accountability follow up

  • Voxer support (an app for messaging/voice notes) for 2 weeks after our session so the magic/breakthroughs can continue

  • Armed with an action plan to solve your challenge

  • A follow up email with key points summarised

  • Self paced activities which you can revisit time and time again!

  • Uniquely tailored resource list to support your growth

  • Clarity around challenges faced

  • Confidence in yourself and your ability

  • Motivated and inspired to take the next step

  • Stronger sense of self

  • Understood, heard and validated


  • Follow up email with key points summarised

  • A clear action plan to solve your challenges and for next steps

  • A toolkit of systems and processes to revisit time again to continue development

  • Follow up email with key points summarised

  • Self paced activities which you can revisit time and time again

  • Uniquely tailored resource list to support your growth

  • Voxer support (an app for messaging/voice notes) for 2 weeks after our session so the magic & breakthroughs can continue





Ready to fully invest in your greatest asset, YOU? When you’re at a crossroad - whether that’s a change in career, becoming a mother, not becoming a mother or wanting to break away from society’s chains - it’s time to reconnect to your power so you can make conscious, lasting changes. 

As you might expect, a full life transformation takes a bit of time. Across 3 months, we’ll lay down your personal foundations, reevaluate and

re-route your direction and cut through your mindset blocks, leaving you energised and motivated to live a life that YOU’ve designed. 

  • 8 x 60 minute coaching sessions via Zoom – taken fortnightly over 12 weeks. This includes a kick off call to clarify your goals and objectives for the program and accountability call to check in with progress

  • Clarity in where you are in your life and career

  • Inspired and motivated to pursue your dreams

  • Confidence in yourself and your abilities

  • Deeper sense of self

  • Clarity on your future vision

  • Understood, heard and validated

  • Clear on how you want work to fit around your life and boundaries


  • Having accomplished the goals and objectives that we created in our kick off session

  • Understanding your why, passions, purpose and values

  • A defined future vision

  • Knowing what your version of success looks like

  • A detailed project plan and actions steps 

  • A Google Drive containing all documents, activities and your notes 

  • Voxer support (an app for messaging/voicenotes) where the magic & breakthroughs happen between sessions and for 3 weeks post program

  • Uniquely tailored resource list to support your growth


"Highly recommend Emily after a life changing 1.1 coaching session. After only one session I felt more focused, confident and capable to achieve my career goals than ever before.

A lovely follow up email and check in after the session too for an extra personal touch. I will definitely be booking in another session when I need to refocus and reflect with a skilled coach again!"

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