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Hi Future Collaborator,

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The disparity women face at work (and beyond) is no news to you. Because you stand for gender equity. You always have.


You’re passionate about making your company - and the lives of the people in it - better, but you’re pulled in so many different directions every single day. How can you focus on every pressing issue, equally, at the same time? 


But the sad fact is, things are getting worse for women - 1 in 3 are considering leaving or downshifting their career post pandemic due to a lack of understanding from employers. You can see this reflected in your company, and it worries you. 


Because you didn’t start this job to be part of the problem, but you need more resources if you’re to tackle this systemic beast. 


I know exactly what you need to set the bar for gender equity, because I was once the employee you didn’t want to lose. 


I started my career at a huge FTSE 100, going from hungry Graduate to thriving Director by the time I was 27. I was a top performer for 10 years, but inside I was burnt-out from aimlessly climbing the ladder, competing with male counterparts and battling for the salaries I knew I deserved. When I reached that Director milestone I thought; “What am I even doing here?” And with no one in the company to help answer that question, I quit. 


  • Because I couldn’t carry on the relentless hustle

  • I craved development, new opportunities and to be heard 

  • I wanted alignment between my values, homelife and work 

  • And with no possibility of getting support, I had to leave and create a better life for myself


Let my experience be your secret weapon. 

Starting from scratch with a reignited hunger, I retrained as a Career & Leadership Coach, and set my sights on empowering as many women as possible to question societal expectations, act in their power and live purposeful, meaningful lives. And because I know my story is far from unique, my mission has led me straight to companies like yours.


If you and I join forces, we can guide the women in your business to work in alignment with their personal goals, rather than against. I know we both want this to happen, because through nurturing female talent, we unlock their full potential, allowing them to truly thrive for themselves and for you. 

Because you want to retain your talent - it can cost more than double an employee's salary to replace them.


I have the services, skills, experience and team to make gender equity a reality.  And you - you have the goal, power and reach to create D&I legacy. 

I left because I had no choice. But you can make things different. Are you ready, partner?

Employees Transformations:

- 31% increase in their happiness in life

- 23% increase in confidence at work

- 90% now see themselves as self aware female leaders vs 10% at the beginning

- 90% highly recommend the coaching programs

- Feel more valued by their companies = high engagement and productivity

- Increase in seeing a future at their company = employee retention

How I can help

Stand Up Meeting



‘Lunch and learn’ workshops are like a power dose of knowledge, designed to elevate and develop female talent. Think topics such as; confidence building, aligning your purpose and how to set goals. We can also create bespoke workshops in full alignment with yours and your women’s ambitions.

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Consultancy is for the companies and leaders who are ready to rebuild the system, set things right and become a true role model for gender diversity industry-wide. A collaboration between me and you, let’s create space and drive change so that your female employees can thrive.




My signature program, Elevate, is an intimate 10-person programme designed to unlock your female talent’s power and unleash their potential. Including 121s and 7 transformational modules, empower your female talent and watch your organisation level up.

Elevate is CPD accredited meaning it has achieved the CPD standard and benchmark for integrity and quality in content and delivery and is recognised by a global external  governing body.


Individuals will recieve points for completing the program which count towards CPD targets set by institutions and governing bodies.




Deeply nurture women through 1–2-1 coaching. Over 6-8 weeks, I work with coachees on their specific blocks to help them build confidence, establish their next move and act in their power. Working holistically, we guide female talent in all areas of her life, both inside and outside of the office, for full and holistic alignment. 


To discuss the best action for your business as well as investment, book a free discovery call with me now. 


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Elevate is now CPD Certified to ensure the highest standards and quality in the program.

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"Just completed a coaching program with Emily at my workplace. A profound transformative experience. Highly recommend working with her, it will transform the way you look at your life and career goals."

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