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As we enter the summer I will keep these newsletters short and sweet. So you can easily read them with a cocktail in hand on the beach in Spain or with a coffee in the drizzle in Wales.

I will be spending the summer in a building site in (hopefully) sunny Hove, before finishing the summer with a much anticipated trip to Greece!

Either way, I hope you take some time out for you this Summer if you are in the Northern Hemisphere. To recharge and to reset. I’d love you to think of this next season with intention. To allow this season to not pass you by. To relish every single moment before we head into a long winter.

For me I want to spend time at the beach. Swimming in the sea. BBQs. Time with family and friends. Walks in the woods. Glasses of cold rose’. Getting out on the electric bike. Doing exciting and energy boosting work. Coffee dates with other founders.

And it’s this energy that I am bringing as I reflect on where I am and how I am feeling at just over the mid way point of the year.

I shared some thoughts on Linkedin and there was alot of conversation so I thought I’d share here too.

I like to try and make a mid year check in a bit of a ritual and in the same way I do at the beginning and end of the year.

  • Carve out an hour of time

  • Sit in a quiet room with some background music (I love a binaural focus playlist - I've linked my favourite in the comments)

  • Light a candle

  • Have a pad and pen

I then ask myself the following questions:

  • What wins have you had so far this year?

  • How are you tracking against your yearly goals?

  • What needs to be changed and adapted with your goals to end the year on a high?

  • What adaptions do you need to make to your habits/mindset to better support yourself as your number one asset?

  • How are you embodying your word of the year or intention? does anything need to change here?

These questions allow me the space to reflect - on the good and also the bad; on the track that I am currently on. They allow me to make changes to not just what I do, but the habits and mindset that support me to be the best version of myself and to reach my goals and aspirations.

As with anything, we need to go into this process with kindness and compassion. It’s not a tool to beat ourselves with if we haven’t done a huge amount towards our goals. It’s merely a barometer to assess and make the necessary changes to move us closer to where we want to get to and how we want to be feeling.

The small, consistent, 1% changes. That’s all it needs to be.

I am rooting for you

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